djk_pics 21-26 Mar 2005

The departure board at Gare du Nord, Paris.
I met up with Brian Kutzera and Andrew Nash for the trip north.
We arrive at Amiens.
Our first night out wandering...
...around brought us to the statue... the park near the Musée Jules Verne.
Signs show the way at the Mondial.
The attendees arrive and collect their badges.
Andrew and Zvi Har’El.
Volker Dehs and Terry Harpold
Zvi and his wife Zahava.
The attendees fill...
...the auditorium.
Jean-Michel Margot is interviewed... Spanish television.
Piero Gondola della Riva makes opening remarks.
A panel of dignitaries from Amiens and Picardy.
M. Frédéric Thorel, vice-président d’Amiens Métropole speaks.
M. Hubert Henno, Conseiller Général, représentant le Département de la Somme speaks.
M. Claude Jean, le Directeur Régional des Affaires Culturelles speaks.