2015 Conference in Marion, North Carolina

Here is a collection of photos from the conference taken by Dennis, the Hollers (Cato & daughter Nancy), Jean-Michel, and Ron (Dennis’s dad).
Limited edition button created by Jean-Michel for the meeting.
Cover for 2015 Conference program.
Our 2015 annual meeting was held in Marion, North Carolina, from Wednesday, June 10 through Saturday June 13, 2015.


June 10
6:00 PM Welcome dinner at: Countryside BBQ Restaurant
   - 2070 Rutherford Road, Marion, NC 28752
   - +1 (504) 568-6993
8:00 PM “Around the World in Eight Illusions”
   - featuring some of the magic that was popular in the days of Verne, Méliès, and Robert Houdin
   - Cato & Susan Holler
June 11
Breakfast as you wish…
9:00 AM Opening remarks
   - Brian Taves, President, NAJVS Inc.
9:15 AM “A Jules Verne Odyssey: The Journey”
   - Cato Holler, NAJVS Inc.
9:45 AM “Jules Verne and the Legend of the Brown Mountain Lights”
   - Ed Speer, Geologist with the Brown Mountain Light Research Group
10:15 AM “All the Verne She Cannot See”
   - Anna Jean Mayhew, NAJVS Inc.
11:00 AM Break
11:15 AM “Communication Interrupted : Jules Verne, Pierre de Sélènes, and the 19th Century CETI Debate”
   - Terry Harpold, University of Florida, Gainesville
12:00 PM “Bernard Frank”
   - Jean-Michel Margot, NAJVS Inc.
12:25 PM “A Geological and Tectonic Introduction to Our Visit to PARI”
   - Jean-Michel Margot, NAJVS Inc.
1:00 PM Lunch
   - Catered by Susan Holler
2:00 PM NAJVS Business Meeting (members only)
   - Agenda TBA by NAJVS President Brian Taves
6:00 PM Dinner at Cato & Susan’s home
   - featuring a Swiss Raclette prepared by Jean-Michel
8:00 PM “Hollywood Presents Jules Verne: The Father of Science Fiction on Screen”
   - Brian Taves, Library of Congress
   - followed by a selection of videos TBA
June 12
Breakfast as you wish…
8:00 AM Trip to Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute near Brevard NC
   - We will rent a van for this excursion
1:00 PM Lunch: Twin Dragons Grand Buffet
   - 1261 Asheville Hwy, Brevard, NC 28712
   - +1 (828) 883-3197
6:00 PM Dinner at: TBD
   - TBD
   - TBD
   - TBD
June 13
Breakfast as you wish…
9:00 AM Trip to Mt. Mitchell, Blue Ridge Parkway, Linville Caverns, and Wiseman’s View
   - We will rent a van for this excursion
12:00 PM Lunch at: TBD
   - TBD
   - TBD
6:00 PM Dinner at: TBD
   - TBD
   - TBD
June 14
Or consider these optional activities:
  • An excursion to Pilot Mountain,
  • Chimney Rock State Park,
  • Walks and hikes to Linville Gorge, which could include Table Rock, Linville Falls, Hawksbill Mountain,
  • A leisurely stroll alone and on the Catawba Green Way, which is almost at the hotel’s door,
  • Blue Ridge Parkway and its mineralogical museum.