Membership in the North American Jules Verne Society, Inc. costs:
  • $30 USD per year for membership for anyone in the world.
  • # you may now sign up for a two year membership by simplying doubling the cost. More details on the membership form.
  • The membership year runs from July 1st of the current year to June 30th of the following year.
  • ***Note: If you join between January and July, you will pay ½ the membership fees, and your membership will expire on June 30th of the same year.
  • PAYPAL payment is an option; please consult the membership form below for more information.
  • Current members can find renewal information here.
Membership entitles the member to receive the news magazine of the Society, “Extraordinary Voyages,” which is published approx 4 times per year.

Membership Form (521 KB PDF)

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If you have any questions or require any additional information on the Society, contact us via the following: form.