2018 Conference in Newport News, VA

Here is a collection of photos from the conference taken by Dennis.
Cover for 2018 Conference program.
The North American Jules Verne Society held our 2018 Annual Meeting from Thursday, June 14 through Saturday June 16, 2018 in the Newport News, VA area.
Presentations included:
  • John V. Quarstein - “Life on the USS Monitor
  • Prof. Art Evans - “Verne’s US Civil War novel North Against South” AND “Humor in Verne’s Works”
  • Prof. Terry Harpold - “Verne and John Brown”
  • Jean-Michel Margot - “The First Imitator of Jules Verne”


June 14
Breakfast as you wish…
9:30 AM Gathering at the hotel and drive to Fort Monroe
10:30 AM Casemate Museum Guided Tour
   ($3 per person)
1:00 PM Lunch: Mama Rosa’s Italian Family Restaurant
   - 617 E Mercury Blvd, Hampton, VA
   - +1 (757) 723-3560
2:00 PM Travel back to hotel
3:00 PM Opening remarks
   - Jean-Michel Margot, NAJVS Inc.
3:10 PM “Life on the USS Monitor
   - John V. Quarstein, Director Emeritus of the USS Monitor Center at the Mariners‘ Museum and Park
3:45 PM “Verne’s US Civil War novel North Against South
   - Art Evans, DePauw University
4:05 PM “Humor in Verne’s Works”
   - Art Evans, DePauw University
4:35 PM “The First Imitator of Jules Verne”
   - Jean-Michel Margot, NAJVS Inc.
5:05 PM “Verne and John Brown”
   - Terry Harpold, University of Florida, Gainesville
6:00 PM Dinner at: Red Lobster
   - 2580 Jefferson Ave., Newport News, VA
   - (near the hotel)
   - +1 (757) 989-6423
June 15
Breakfast as you wish…
9:00 AM Mariners’ Museum (USS Monitor Center)
   - guided tour by John V. Quarstein
11:30 AM Lunch: continue in the museum or dine at Mariners’ Museum Cafe
12:30 PM Travel back to hotel
1:00 PM NAJVS Business Meeting (members only)
   - Agenda by NAJVS President Brian Taves
   - Presided by Vice President Jean-Michel Margot
6:00 PM Official Dinner at: Second Street Restaurant
   - 115 Arthur Way, Newport News, VA
   - +1 (757) 234-4448
June 16
Breakfast as you wish…
10:00 AM Virginia Air & Space Center
1:00 PM Lunch: boxed lunch in the Virginia Air & Space Museum’s Cosmic Café
2:00 PM John V. Quarstein leads a tour of Battle of the Ironclads sites
June 17