2019 Conference in Cape Canaveral, FL

Here is a collection of photos from the conference taken by Al, Andrew, and Dennis.
Cover for 2019 Conference program.
The North American Jules Verne Society held our 2019 Annual Meeting from Wednesday, May 29th through Sunday June 2nd, 2019 in the Cape Canaveral, FL area.
Presentations included:
  • Dennis Kytasaari “Jules Verne & NASA” (from the Henry Sharton Collection)
  • Prof. Art Evans - “The ‘Other’ Jules Verne, Satirist of Science”
  • Dr. Albert Koller, NASA (Ret.) - “History and Space in Florida”
  • Andrew Nash - “Discoveries Made While Updating My Website”
  • Dana Eales - “Recent Verne Related Coins”


May 30
Breakfast as you wish…
8:30 AM Trip to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center (KSCVC)
   - Bus pickup at Radisson
9:15 AM Arrival at KSCVC - Welcome by
Ms. Darlene Koenig, VP of Business Development & Partnerships
10:00 AM Tour of Heroes and Legends (HAL), Tour of Space Shuttle Atlantis,
and Forever Remembered – Tribute to Crew of Challenger & Columbia
   - Darlene Koenig & Astronaut Capt. Jon McBride
12:00 PM Lunch with Astronaut Kenneth D. Cameron
   - Darlene Koenig
1:15 PM Special Customized Tour — Launch Pads, VAB Photo Stop,
Apollo Saturn V Center (ASVC)
4:00 PM Leave ASVC and Return to the Visitor Complex
4:45 PM Private Time withAstronaut Kenneth D. Cameron
   - Darlene Koenig and Nick Thomas, Astronaut Office
5:00 PM Free Time for Shopping/Other Displays:
3D IMAX Movies Journey to Space or A Beautiful Planet; Journey to Mars;
Rocket Garden; revisit Atlantis; etc…
7:00 PM Departure from KSC Visitor Complex
(Meet at DNC Administrative Office where tour began)
Return to Radisson Hotel
8:00 PM Official Dinner at: Flamingo’s Restaurant
   - @ our hotel
May 31
Breakfast as you wish…
9:00 AM NAJVS Business Meeting (members only)
   - Agenda by NAJVS President Dennis Kytasaari
11:00 AM Lunch: somewhere near the hotel?
1:00 PM Opening remarks
   - Dennis Kytasaari, NAJVS Inc.
1:05 PM “Jules Verne & NASA” (from the Henry Sharton Collection)
   - Dennis Kytasaari, NAJVS Inc.
1:30 PM “History and Space in Florida”
   - Dr. Albert Koller, NASA (Ret.)
2:05 PM “The ‘Other’ Jules Verne, Satirist of Science”
   - Art Evans, DePauw University
2:40 PM Break
3:00 PM “Discoveries Made While Updating My Website”
   - Andrew Nash, NAJVS Inc.
3:25 PM “Recent Verne Related Coins”
   - Dana Eales, NAJVS Inc.
Dinner as you wish…
Jun 1
Breakfast as you wish…
10:00 AM Tour of Port of Canaveral with a stop at Exploration Tower
   - Bus pickup at Radisson    - Malcolm McLouth, Executive Director Port of Canaveral (Ret.)
11:30 AM Return to hotel and Lunch as you wish…
1:00 PM Open Time
Dinner as you wish…
June 2