Information on other folks who haved contributed in some way to support The Palik Series.


Ross Bagby, Elvira Berkowitsch, Philippe Burgaud, Volker Dehs, Mark Eckell, Henry G. Franke III, Jean Frodsham, Terry Harpold, Malcolm Henderson, Alex Kirstukas, Bernhard Krauth, Brian Kutzera, Dennis Kytasaari, Thomas Mann, David March, Jean-Michel Margot, J.A. Marquis, Stephen Michaluk, Jr., Kieran O’Driscoll, Peter Overstreet, Ariel Perez, Frits Roest, Jan RychlĂ­k, George Slusser, John Soister, Garmt de Vries-Uiterweerd, Norman Wolcott, Pachara Yongvongpaibul


Frédéric Jaccaud, curator of Jean-Michel Margot’s Verne Collection at the Maison d’Ailleurs (House of Elsewhere) in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

The City of Nantes (France) and its Municipal Library have placed all Jules Verne manuscripts online. They helped make this publication possible, and the Society would like to thank the City of Nantes and its Bibliothèque municipale (Agnès Marcetteau, director) for their ongoing assistance with the Palik Series.

Het Jules Verne Genootschap (the Dutch Verne Society)

Jules-Verne-Club (Germany)

Special Thanks:

We are particularly indebted to Bernhard Krauth, chairman of the German Jules-Verne-Club since 2005. Intensely interested in the illustrations of the original French editions of Verne’s work, he has been deeply involved in a project to digitize the illustrations, more than 5,000 in all. The project is for common, non-commercial use, and most of the illustrations in this publication were made possible through his generosity.