The Work to be Done

A Bibliographic Note to Publishers and Translators on Works by Jules Verne Not Published in the United States.

During the last few years, not only have there been many new translations of Jules Verne, but many of these have been of books (Paris in the 20th Century, The Invasion of the Sea, Magellania, The Mighty Orinoco) and a play (Journey Through the Impossible) that never before appeared in the English language.
However, the following Verne stories have still not appeared in the United States. Some were translated in the 1890s in England but never published here. A few are forthcoming at the present from the publishers noted. Some have been translated into English but not yet published. Yet many more remain to be either translated or published in English. All of these titles are noted below in the order of their original publication in France.
We would like to keep this page current, so if any translators or publishers have begun projects, please let us know so that this page can be kept current of all activity.