Around the Moon
Round the Moon
Circling the Moon
Autour de la Lune (1870)

This book is a sequel to From the Earth to the Moon. It is sometimes published on its own, or with that book.

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Plot Synopsis:
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In this sequel, Barbicane and his associates begin their circumnavigation of the moon.

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Amazing Journeys: Five Visionary Classics
Contains: Journey to the Center of the Earth; From the Earth to the Moon; Circling the Moon; 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas; Around the World in 80 Days
Translator & Critical Material: Frederick Paul Walter. Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 2010. 668 pages. some illus.
Softcover — ISBN-10: 1438432380 , ISBN-13: 978-1438432380

RECOMMENDED (read why below) Get it at or Barnes & Noble.
See the review for this edition on this page.

From the Earth to the Moon: All Around the Moon (His Space Novels)
Translator: Edward Roth. Mineola, NY: Dover, 1960. 470 pages.

NOT RECOMMENDED (read why below).
This translation, published by Dover Books in 1960, is the 1874-1876 English translation Verne’s two moon novels by Edward Roth, a Philadelphia school-teacher. In no sense a translation, it is more a parody or retelling of the French original with many embellishments and additions by the author. In spite of its textual delinquency the Roth translations are of interest as they provide in appendices the first discussion in English of the mathematics of Verne’s space flight and actually correct one of the misprinted equations found in the second half entitled “All Round the Moon”, and contain for the first time in English these equations as written by Verne. This Dover edition is also of interest as it contains some of the best reproductions of the original Hetzel illustrations on acid free paper, in fact the book might be recommended for the illustrations alone. For a more accurate translation one could read the Heritage Press version or the “Annotated Jules Verne: From the Earth to the Moon” by Walter James Miller, Crowell: 1978, reprinted by Gramercy: 1995 which however only covers the first of the two novels in this book.

-- Norm Wolcott, “An obsolete translation, but illustrated with original woodcuts,” posted on Amazon June 11, 2006.
review obtained 12 Jan 2009

From the Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon
Translator: Rev. Lewis Page Mercier and Harald Salemson. Heritage Press, 1970. 425 pages.
Hardcover —

RECOMMENDED (read why below)
The original 1872 English translation by Rev. Lewis Page Mercier omits about 20% of the story, including all the science and mathematics which Verne included. This restored translation, uncredited, but listed in bibliographies as by Harald Salemson, is a restored version including the material which Mercier left out and correcting many of his blunders. This edition converts all of Verne’s various units into English units and Fahrenheit degrees, thus destroying part of the original flavor of the book. Also the French expletives do not translate well into English equivalents. Long out of print, this 1970 edition is the first in the 19th century to do justice to the original French of Jules Verne. If you grew up with the original Mercier version, you may want to read this to see what you missed.

-- Norm Wolcott, “A Restored Translation from the original of Lewis Mercier,” posted on Amazon June 12, 2006.
review obtained 12 Jan 2009