Black Indies (a.k.a., The Underground City)
Indes Noirs (1877)

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Plot Synopsis:
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The old Aberfoyle mine in Scotland, that was thought to have been mined out ten years earlier is reactivated, when a dedicated old miner, Simon Ford, makes an astonishing discovery. He contacts the old manager of the mine, James Starr, and the discovery leads to a large vein of coal that will take generations to mine out. Soon the New Aberfoyle mine is opened and everyone begins to profit again; however, a mysterious “goblin” threatens the entire mine.

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The Underground City
Translator: Sarah Crozier. Foreword: Ian Thompson. Edinburgh, Scotland. Luath Press Limited, 2005. 214 pages, ?? ill.
Softcover — ISBN-10: 184282080X, ISBN-13: 978-1842820803

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