Master of the World
Maître du monde (1904)

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Plot Synopsis:
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Strange occurrences are reported near the Great Eyrie, in the western part of the state of North Carolina. The US government sends their best investigator, John Strock, to uncover the mystery of the phenomena, which his is unable to do. Later, reports come in from around the country about an object that seems to defy the air, yet another that defies the seas and another that defies the land. Is it possible that these occurrences are all related? After it is determined to be the case, John Strock plans to catch this vehicle, which its owner calls the Terror.


Master of the World — Special Edition
Translator: Unknown. Unknown, Unknown: Breakneck Classics, 2007. 144 pages.

NOT RECOMMENDED (read why below).
This 138-page paperback is a gussied-up and flashy reprint of a very poor English-language translation of Verne’s original 1904 French novel. It was first published in 1911 and the translator was anonymous. A much better English translation by Cranstoun Metcalfe (which is also in the public domain) appeared in 1914. The “special edition” features of this slim volume include a 2-page uninformed preface, 8 rather juvenile “discussion questions” inserted right after the story (questions such as “Are you impressed by what The Terror can do?”), and a 4-sentence “About the Author” blurb at the end of the book. All this for $11.95. Don’t waste your money. You can find the same text online for free.
-- Art Evans, “A bad Verne translation reissued,” posted on Amazon October 29, 2007.
review obtained 12 Jan 2009